King Of Romance - Single

by Jump Back Jake and the Echo-Friendly

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released August 10, 2010

Words and Music by Jake Rabinbach
Produced by Jump Back Jake(s)
"Jump Back" Jake Rabinbach: Vocals, Tremlo guitar, end solo
"Bullet Proof" Jake Vest: Drums, Piano, bass, additional guitar

Recorded by Jake and Toby Vest at High/Low studios Memphis, TN January 26th and 27th 2010
Cover Photo: Jake Schreier

Special thanks: Greg Faison & Brandon Robertson (the true JBJ/BPV rhythm section), Joel Gradinger, Robert Hinson, David Gerber, Shannon Esper, Kentucker Audley, Caroline White, Janice White, Francis Farewell Starlite, Meagan Cowell Kitterlin, Rocket Science Audio, Lightyears Vintage, Pete Matthews, Jody Stephens, Joseph Davis and everyone at Ardent.



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Track Name: King Of Romance
I remember when we first met
I took you down to Mississippi

to see the cotton and the old cities
where it still looks like the 50s

and you put your hand in mine
we were havin' a real cool time

now you won't even look at me
on the ticket line

You've been acting like you've never been in love

You were sittin' in the front seat of my car
you wanted me to take you to Walgreen's

I wanted to take you to a motel where the light turns your face green
and then take off your bluejeans

and wrap your legs around my head
toss all night in a rented bed

that's what you shoulda been doin'

of acting like you've never been in love

I know that time can change your mind
It never really did much to change mine

I'm still in love with every girl
that's ever been mine...
and a few more that weren't

I put it all down I expect it all back
sometimes I leave with nothing
sometimes I take the whole fucking stack

This time I hoped to leave the table with you

(And you'd know exactly what I'm talkin' about)

If you'd ever been in love

I remember the last day
I remember the plane landing

it was late afternoon and I knew that it was ending
I hoped we'd reached an understanding

But you kept me hangin' on
more than a week after you'd been gone

But I didn't mind sweetheart
though I knew it was wrong

(it was so much better)

Then you acting like you've never been in love
You've been acting like you've never been in love